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Educating Kids About Racism with Britt Hawthorne

Episode Summary

Kids pick up on how society treats people early on. We have a responsibility to be involved in how they engage their world from home to the classroom.

Episode Notes

Britt Hawthorne is a nationally recognized equity trainer in education. Britt partners with action-oriented educators, creating classroom environments that are inclusive and equitable for all learners. Her work seeks to move justice from being an idea to the authentic culture.

Find out more over on her website or Instagram!

Episode Questions:
• What myths were you taught about racism and other forms prejudice in your education? When and how did those myths get disrupted?
• What were you taught about bias and racism in your schools? Did you ever receive any education around antibias or antiracism? What do you wish you would've learned about these things throughout your education?
• How have you experienced bias or racism in your educational formation? How have you witnessed discrimination impacting others?
• What could an inclusive and equitable classroom look like? What might complicate educational spaces from being free of bias and racism?
• What do you think kids should be taught about race and bias?


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